Welcome To Elements RO


Welcome to Elements Ragnarok Online!

The server base is PRE-RENEWAL gameplay.

It is still fresh and newly launched a week ago and will keep on updating new features as it progresses.

There is NO DONATION items.


So, everyone can be a pro!

All you need to do is farm, hunt and research.

HARDWORK is a key.

The server is equipped with anti cheat protection as we provide fair and smooth gameplay.

Our goal here is not to become a Number 1 private server but to provide a satisfaction gameplay and bring back sweet good memories to all Ragnarok Fans and Veterans.


Explore the whole new world of Ragnarok.

Let your journey begins here.

Come join the excitement with us!



Rates 1,000.00x/1,000.00x/700.00x
Normal Cards 5%
Boss Cards 3%
MVP Cards 3%
Max Base/Job Level 99/70
Max Stat 99
Max ASPD 190
Instant Cast 150
Main Town Caspen



Freebies Warper NPC Healer
PVP Warper Stats / Skills Reset Feel / Hatred Reset
Card Remover Casino Armor Enchanter
Mall Warper Custom Tool Dealer Quest Shop
Free Points Shop Event Shop PVP Stats Viewer
PVP Ladder MVP Stats Viewer MVP Ladder
MVP Room Warper Automated Events WOE
Zeny Bag Exchanger Broadcaster Item Detector
Bloody Branch Quest Vote NPC Emperium Room
All-Skill Quest Item Cleaner NPC Sex Changer
Daily Quest Card Recycle NPC  



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by ADMIN on 2019-05-26