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Random Suggestion for the Economy

2 main problem for the broken economy are:

1. Gold/Farm Room - Everyone can have billions on short amount of time hence the prices plays around billions.

2. Private MVP room where you could choose which MVP to summon -
Everyone can just farm the MVP they need with ease so expect people getting it really fast.
With that said, one example would be beel card. Everyone farms them so lot's of people getting the card and low balling each other which explains the massive drop on it's price. Also this leads to cards / equipments not being high valued anymore.

So my suggestion would be:

1. Revision on the Private MVP Room:
a. Disable the option where you could choose any MVP / Mini-Boss to summon.
b. Enable the option where the NPC sells Bloody Branches instead (maybe 50M each so Dead Branch market won't die).
c. Disable the line that would make the MVP inside the room disappear if there's no person left inside.
2. Bloody Branch can only be used inside the Private MVP Room.
3. Make a custom branch that would summon random mini-bosses as well.

The benefits would be:
1. It would randomized the MVPs / Mini-bosses. So farming a single MVP would require more zeny and effort.
2. This would lead to cards / equipments selling higher which also leads to a "Zeny Sink" to balance the massive amount of zeny players has or can get from the farm room.

The cons would be:
1. New Players would have a harder time to get the MVP cards / Valk Set / Diablo Set / etc. But surely they will be the player reviving the economy.

Other Suggestions:

1. New Content / Instance - For PVM players like me who got everything we want / need and has nothing to do anymore.
2. @duel so people can try out their builds with friends, without someone else interrupting them non-stop.

PS. This is just my suggestion so don't flame if you disagree lol.
PSS. This suggestion is really easy to do it just need a simple revision of the Private MVP Script and a simple addition of a custom item. I could help on this one if needed.

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