Welcome to Elements-RO

The server is HIGH RATE and base on PRE-RENEWAL gameplay. It will keep on updating new features as it progresses. There is NO DONATION items. NO PAY TO WIN. So, everyone can be a pro! All you need to do is farm, hunt and research. HARDWORK is a key. The server is equipped with anti cheat protection as we provide fair and smooth gameplay. Our goal here is not to become a Number 1 private server but to provide a satisfaction gameplay and bring back sweet good memories to all Ragnarok Fans and Veterans. Lastly, Explore the whole new world of Ragnarok. Let your journey begins here. Come join the excitement with us!

======================CHANGELOGS 25 JULY 2021======================• Bosnia Dungeon monsters has been fixed• De-Refiner service added ni Caspen Refiner room• Commands added:  - @duel / @invite / @acc
======================CHANGELOGS 20 JULY 2021======================- Homunculus auto attack has been fixed- Server fonts has been changed- Disconnected when click on URL links in game has been fixed- Character
======================CHANGELOGS 18 JULY 2021======================- @checkwoepoints command added- @listenbg command added (players are now can mute any Battleground announcements)- WoE Shop (from Quest Shop N
1st Edition WoE
Bamboo Grove Hill (Normal) [Friday] 10:00 PM ~ 11:00 PM
Eeyolbriggar (Vanilla) [Sunday] 10:00 PM ~ 11:00 PM
2nd Edition WoE
Mardol (Normal) [Tuesday] 10:00 PM ~ 11:00 PM
Himin (Vanilla) [Thursday] 10:00 PM ~ 11:00 PM
Name Kill Death
1. Randal Keith Orton 999 592
2. dwan 961 1,169
3. Dani Champion 385 407
4. Shift 286 177
5. Sergio Yeskov 240 0
6. x Nutty x 233 90
7. Tauhu 229 277
8. dwain 223 228
9. Beast Mode 173 132
10. Machinee 167 117