Warning: Rules may be stacked depending on the severity of your actions, meaning the punishment will also increase varying on the amount of rules you broke.

1. Hacking, duping, scamming, botting, using macros, afk farming/levelling with or without the use of homonculus AI, and/or tampering with Elements-RO in any way, shape, or form (including 0 delay) is illegal.
All Offenses: Permanent Ban

2. Abuse of gameplay/NPC bugs is illegal. If you found a bug, it is in yours as well as the servers' best interests to report it. If you fail to do so and we find out that you have been abusing it, we may invoke 2nd or 3rd offense charges depending on the severity of your actions.
1st Offense: A week ban. 2nd Offense: A month ban. 3rd Offense: Permanent Ban

3. Intentional abuse of any and all bugs/glitches to cheat and/or gain an unfair advantage is illegal, without exception, in any and all cases.
All Offenses: Permanent Ban

4. The use of any character, party, guild names or titles intended to mislead/impersonate others is illegal. This includes but is not limited to "GM", "Game Master", "Security", "Admin", or "Administrator". In addition, the official use of the Elements-RO name is illegal without explicit permission from the server administrator.
All Offenses: Permanent Ban

5. Advertisement of other servers/webpages apart from those endorsed by Elements-RO by any means within Elements-RO and its forums is illegal.
All Offenses: Permanent Ban


6. Selling/Buying/Trading any items/accounts into real cash money is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
1st Offense: A week ban. 2nd Offense: A month ban. 3rd Offense: Permanent Ban


7. Blocking any NPC and prevent other players to use the NPC in the server is NOT ALLOWED.
All Offenses: 1 day jail.


8. NO serious cursing/hatred/racism chat is allowed and DO NOT go to enemy base just for trashtalks. These are applied to the usage of Broadcaster NPC as well as we are keep the community clean. Those who break this rule, please send the screenshorts/videos of the messages to any of the GM Team or kindly send the proofs to server Facebook Page.
Punishment: 1st Offense: 1 day jail. 2nd Offense: 7 days ban. 3rd Offense: Permanent Ban.


admin reminder


1. The GM-TEAM takes no responsibility in the event an account has been hacked and the account owner has been found to share their account info. Furthermore, they will be unable to take any further action in regards to cases once this fact is brought to light. SHARE YOUR ACCOUNT INFO AT YOUR OWN RISK.

2. If you loan out items or equips, you do so at your own risk. If you loan out items to someone and they keep the items, DO NOT ask any GM to get them back for you.


3. The server has MAX ZENY LIMIT which is 2.147 billions per character and banks. If you lost rest of your zeny after reaching max zeny limit, its in your own responsibility as we don't give any refund for that.


4. DO NOT give out your ID or password to anyone, this includes GMs. The GM-TEAM will never ask for your ID or password, so use caution with this. If you share your account information, and someone takes items off from your account, never ask a GM to replace your items. Your account is at your own responsibility.


5. DO NOT request/begging any items or zeny from any of the GM-TEAM because you will be ignored as we never spoon-feed anyone in the server.



The GM Team reserves the right to exact punishment if they feel certain kinds of behavior is abusive under the scope of the rules. The server owner also reserves the right to modify the rules without prior notice.

Players are advised to keep themselves informed of these rules as you play the game, and ignorance of the rules will not be entertained as an acceptable excuse for breaking them. Should you keep yourself aware, we believe that your time here at our server will remain enjoyable and we hope to see you in game!

1st Edition WoE
Bamboo Grove Hill (Normal) [Friday] 10:00 PM ~ 11:00 PM
Eeyolbriggar (Vanilla) [Sunday] 10:00 PM ~ 11:00 PM
2nd Edition WoE
Mardol (Normal) [Tuesday] 10:00 PM ~ 11:00 PM
Himin (Vanilla) [Thursday] 10:00 PM ~ 11:00 PM
Name Kill Death
1. Randal Keith Orton 999 592
2. dwan 961 1,169
3. Dani Champion 385 407
4. Shift 286 177
5. Sergio Yeskov 240 0
6. x Nutty x 233 90
7. Tauhu 229 277
8. dwain 223 228
9. Beast Mode 174 133
10. Machinee 167 117